Hello, I’m Scott

(Definitely not AI)

I’m a Creative


I write words


I create imagery, mostly still and sometimes moving


I write and make music

…And This Is My Home

Welcome! I’m glad you’re here!

If this site were solely about selling you goods and services, then this would be an excellent place to sell you on the product of me. But I’m a people, not a product. This site isn’t a commercial venture. I mean, mostly. It’s the digital extension of who I am in the real world. The analog world.

In short, this is my digital home. You’ll find some of my visual works hanging on the walls inside, some of my words written in texts scattered about, and some of my music… well, I haven’t found a proper place for the music yet. But that’ll be here somewhere.

While you’ll be able to find most everything I do here, some of it is available elsewhere and you’ll have to venture out to get to that. I’m happy to answer any questions you have. In fact, I’m sure I’d just love chatting with you even if you didn’t have questions!

Really, I’m not here to sell you anything, though. Unless, of course, I have something you want to buy. In that case,

Stock photo of business people, none of whom are me.

People LOVE Writing Testimonials!

“Scott was more than just a service provider; he was our strategic partner in every sense. He embraced our vision, transforming it with innovative branding and a digital strategy that resonated with our audience. The results were nothing short of miraculous.”

-John Doe

“Sounds disingenuous, John. Pull it back a little. And what’s with the name? Nobody is ever going to believe that.”

Morgan Freeman: “And nor should they believe it. For fifteen years, Scott had waited for testimonials he hoped his clients and friends would write for him. For fifteen years, he waited.”

Scott: “Perhaps if I had just asked them for testimonials rather than imagining they could read my mind. Perhaps then they would’ve sent me actual testimonials that I could use and I wouldn’t have needed to use this boilerplate testimonial. Perhaps.”

Morgan Freeman: “Scott would one day stop wondering about what might have been. He would stop ‘perhaps this-ing’ and ‘perhaps that-ing’ the eventualities of his life. And when that day would finally come, he found himself to be a much happier person. Or so he liked to imagine.”

I Also Do Business Things

“I’m here to listen, collaborate, and drive your vision forward. Whether it’s through an email (nope), a phone call (nope), or a visit to our office (nope), initiating a conversation is the first step towards unparalleled creative success.”

Easy there, tiger! Yes, it’s true. My goods are available for purchase, my services are available for hire. And yes, initiating a conversation is the first step towards our unparalleled creative success. But let’s just slow it down a bit and get to know each other first. Then, when you’re feeling it, you should absolutely hit me up. But via the contact page. You know, to start.

  • We’re Going on a Journey

    We’re Going on a Journey

    So many times, this site has gone into cardiac arrest. And almost always, it languishes in agony, forgotten by me until I catch it in my periphery as I whip past, rushing headlong in some new direction. And I’m always more appalled by the aesthetics of its demise than concerned for its actual death. Because…

  • The Canon FD 24mm

    The Canon FD 24mm

    I mentioned in my post on the test shoot that I ran into issues with the Canon FD while shooting. The issues I ran into were twofold. One, despite my light meter readings, everything was way over exposed. And two, focusing was more difficult, I felt, than it should’ve been. After a few shots during…

  • The Test Shoot

    The Test Shoot

    Had a shoot with Reese last Saturday specifically to test out new equipment and, more importantly, to test out changes to my workflow. Definitely time well spent. Learned a lot and, as an added bonus, Reese and I ended up with a number of shots both of us found exceedingly satisfactory. As far as the…