The Layout (Site Map)

See, this is where an intern would come in handy. Or an assistant. I could say, “Put together a site map. This is how I see it.”

They would do it, I would review it, and then I would congratulate them with, “Well done, you!”

Sigh. Well, we’ve got a lot of ground to cover so let’s get to it.


Home Page

  • This is the front entrance.


  • This is where a lot of the words (mostly unrelated to models) are found.


  • The about page provides information about me!


  • Want to get in touch with me? This would be the place to do it!


  • For a little relaxation, I’ve put in a pool out back.


  • Well, this whole wing of the house is being renovated once more.


  • Models I photographed from 2008 to 2022, some previews of our work together displayed. Contact me for a link (offsite) to all of the work.


  • Use the account section to log in, log out, and manage your account.


When navigating through the model photography section of the site, you’ll notice that a “sticky” menu stays at the top of the screen as you scroll. The icons appearing in these menus will help you more quickly navigate to the sections of the page you’re viewing.

Where to Buy

photos and videos are available for sale at the following locations:

If you are interested in content not yet available at either of these locations, please contact me.