Doing Things

It’s been two and one-half months since I arrived here. Today was the first day that I went to the beach.

Carolina Beach

Today was also the first day I picked up food from a local seafood restaurant. The food from Seaview Crab Company was delicious. (Dining inside wasn’t going to happen.)

It’s amazing that it’s taken me this long to enjoy two of the things I was so excited about when I decided to move here: lounging on the beach and having access to fresh seafood restaurants. Two of the more significant items on my list under the heading of “living a coastal life.”

When I was on the beach today, I was laying on my towel, taking a break from reading, and my mind wandered to some minor and some not so minor annoyances in my life. And I reached the inevitable conclusion that, “All of my life choices have led me here.”

And then I drifted out of my mind back to the towel and the sand and the beach and the ocean and the waves and the seagulls flying around and I thought: “All of my life choices have led me here. This is fine.”

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