Nomad’s Land

I’m leaving South Florida for a while. I’m taking a trip across the country. On my scooter. Since my scooter maxes out at 35mph (unless I’m going downhill), I can’t take the interstate, obviously. And so I will be taking the long way; the shorter back roads, the long empty stretches of highway, through the cities, through the towns, through the hamlets, and through the desert.

I’m planning to leave on some date between the 15th and 22nd of this month to arrive in LA on the 22nd of May. On that day, May 22nd, a four-day reunion begins in LA for kids that grew up in Saudi Arabia; kids known as Aramco Brats, children whose parents worked for the oil company.

My plan is to come back to South Beach, afterward, but I don’t know exactly where I’ll end up. All I know right now is that in under three weeks, I’m going nomadic.

(Also, there are photos up in Street +/ Life, photos that were supposed to be of a neatly stacked pile of red bricks. I didn’t find red bricks but I found an automotive repair shop that was closed for the day.)


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