Alec and Zach surfing

I beg

I beg that you please send all positive thoughts, energies, prayers, whatever you have this way to my family and I. I’m in Charlotte, NC, tonight and will be in Newberry, SC in the morning.

Alec, my oldest son, committed suicide today, Monday, March 1st, 2010.

I just want to ask that you keep all of us in your thoughts, especially Alec’s younger brother, Zachary. This isn’t a particularly easy time for any of us. But it’ll be fine. Alec was such a beautiful soul and I’m sure that there is sense in this somewhere. I know there is.

I’ve been lucky to have two beautiful boys in my life. I’ve been so lucky. I’m grateful for all of the lives Alec touched because I know what an impact he had. He and his brother both are amazing individuals. Just keep us in your thoughts. Please.

I know that some of you have photos of Alec from old parties and whatnot (South Beach, Lexington, etc..). If you could email me any copies of any photos you may have, I would appreciate it.

I left my cellphone charger on the beach. Those of you who know my parents can reach me through them. Email, I hope to have back tomorrow.


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