• Anastasia


    Anastasia was one of the nicer earlier surprises in my shooting career. Spent forever trying to coordinate our first shoot. Every time we’d set it up, something would come up and it would fall through. The last time we tried to schedule a shoot, I got up in the morning as I usually do and…

  • Britney Brooks

    Britney Brooks

    Britney was referred to me by her friend Madison after our shoot together. I can’t remember much specifically about our first shoot except I was shooting with Canon’s thrifty-fifty lens which I had purchased specifically for that day. I was still shooting with one of the original Canon Rebels at that time and that lens…

  • Carrie


    I don’t recall how Carrie and I connected but I know I was the one who reached out to her. Was totally captivated by her look. We did one shoot together and, unfortunately, not long after she moved to Germany. Super nice and super beautiful.

  • Chelsea


    Chelsea was another model shot for the online news/entertainment site out of Costa Rica. Really nice person and fun to shoot. The oddity of shooting at Lummus Park is that it sits on Ocean Drive, one of the most recognizable and defining scenescapes of Miami (though, technically, it’s Miami Beach.) You’ll see everyone shooting there,…

  • Gabriella


    I had come back to the states from Costa Rica for a brief period in the summer of ’14 and had been contributing weekly to a Model of the Week feature for an online news/entertainment publication back in CR. When I came to the states, the editor said that he wanted to continue doing it;…

  • Jessica


    When I first moved to Costa Rica, I was leary of shooting models and it wasn’t until after I moved to Jaco that I felt comfortable enough to shoot. Jessica was the first model I photographed there and the goal was to shoot very generic/faceless photography for which I had somehow imagined a purpose. The…

  • Jordan


    Another long-term visitor to Costa Rica, Jordan and I did a total of three shoots: one at a hostel, one on the beach, and another at a local area pool. Super nice person and easy to shoot. Something about her photos I just love. Wholesome.

  • Julia


    Julia was the first model I photographed after moving to Columbia, SC. And it was kind of funny because, at the time, I didn’t really own anything. I had been living a fairly minimalist lifestyle for a pretty long time, buying furniture and whatnot as needed to fill up whatever space I lived in, so…

  • Katie C

    Katie C

    Katie’s shoot came at the front end of that period in time when I was focused specifically on shooting adult and fetish content for my own adult site. Fetish content isn’t personally my bag, but there was a market for it and Katie was shooting fetish content. Over the years, my experience has been that…

  • Kristin


    Kristin must have been the third or fourth model I photographed. And I have no idea why we didn’t work together more than this. It might be because she saw the photos. Which are terrible lol. Seriously, though, this was after I shot Britney using the same “thrifty fifty.” For whatever reason, I couldn’t compose…

  • Madison Scott

    Madison Scott

    Madison was the first model I photographed and this shoot would pretty much set my course going forward. In the summer of 2007, I had moved to South Beach and fell in love with the place. I had a little point-and-shoot camera and so was taking photographs of just random things. I had joined Flickr…

  • Model Anon

    Model Anon

    This lovely woman and I worked together once during the summer of ’14. Interestingly, the bikini she’s wearing was only used in one other shoot. And THAT model also preferred to keep her identity anonymous. You’ll notice that the backdrop changes after the first few photos. That was because we were run out by garage…

  • Nella


    One day back in 2011, I received a message from a stranger (someone who followed me on Flickr), letting me know that a model named Nella was coming to South Beach and if I could, I should absolutely shoot her. Had no idea who she was so I googled to find out. Saw that she…

  • Paige Cowell

    Paige Cowell

    Paige is a well-known bikini model who shoots the occasional implied nude. I actually became familiar with her when I was living in Charlotte, NC in 2015. She was also living somewhere around there back then. I never reached out to her then that I can recall. In any event, on my search for models…

  • Rachel


    Rachel was a friend of Care‘s and reached out to me to shoot. Super nice girl with beautiful eyes. We’ve talked often about shooting more but can never seem to coordinate schedules.

  • Skye


    There’s a song by Steve Winwood (and I know this dates me) that, whenever I hear Skye’s name in my head, one line from the chorus runs through my head: “My mind is skyin’ when I wake up.” Which is kind of the effect Skye has on me. Just absolutely gorgeous and I find my…

  • Steffany


    Steffany was another one of the models I shot for the publication in Costa Rica. Our first shoot was at the 1111 Lincoln Road parking garage. Her super small frame on her long legs worked perfectly there against the lines. For our second shoot, I had booked a room at El Presidente hotel on South…

  • Taty


    Taty was a friend of a friend. I always thought she was just beautiful and I don’t remember if she reached out to me or if I reached out to her but she planned the shoot, pretty much. She picked out the monastery and the outfit, we caught an uber up and got some cool…

  • Tracey


    Another model who I can’t remember the details of how we got connected but Tracey was pretty awesome. I remember when we talked about shooting, she had this floppy hat I had seen in photos that I absolutely wanted her to bring. Just looked great on her. When she showed up, I had no idea…

  • Veronika + Taylor

    Veronika + Taylor

    My first porno! I can barely remember any of the details about this shoot. I DO remember that I had been planning this with Veronika(the straight-haired blonde? – these were stage names) and went on her recommendation for Taylor (who I didn’t see before the day of the shoot.) Fun shoot. There are actually a…

  • Whitney Morgan

    Whitney Morgan

    Whitney and I connected via ModelMayhem. A fetish model, she definitely brought her game to the shoot (even though we didn’t shoot any fetish content unless you’re into latex or stockings 🙂 )