When I first moved to Costa Rica, I was leary of shooting models and it wasn’t until after I moved to Jaco that I felt comfortable enough to shoot. Jessica was the first model I photographed there and the goal was to shoot very generic/faceless photography for which I had somehow imagined a purpose.

The shoot didn’t quite come together in the way I had hoped and I was left with a lot of imagery I was never really satisfied with. The mountainside images are the closest I came. (And I like those photos a lot, actually.) Honestly, the way the top fit on Jessica was pretty perfect. The bottom a little less so. Before we met up, I had envisioned the bikini being a barely covering fit (which is the way it was supposed to fit.) And in at least two of the mountain shots, it thankfully works perfect like that. But mostly it just kept riding up and getting buried. And I just ran with it, thinking it would be fine.

Jessica was actually really nice and we stayed in touch for a while even after both of us left CR. She was actually the person who showed me the Mirador, this fantastic gem of an abandoned structure up in the mountains right beside Jaco where I would later shoot Cindy and Allison.


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