Julia was the first model I photographed after moving to Columbia, SC. And it was kind of funny because, at the time, I didn’t really own anything. I had been living a fairly minimalist lifestyle for a pretty long time, buying furniture and whatnot as needed to fill up whatever space I lived in, so I didn’t own a lot of possessions when I moved there. Even though I had rented a two bedroom apartment. In fact, after I moved in, I had a friend in the area who loaned me an air mattress and a kitchen table with chairs (which I used as a desk) so I would have at least somewhere to eat and somewhere to sleep. Literally, all of that space and that was my only furniture.

And my apartment stayed like that. As I started looking for models, I realized I couldn’t use my place to shoot since it just looked like some deranged pyscho lived there. So my first shoot was with Julia was out at a park by the waterfront. We took some casual fashion shots and then moved onto the lingerie shots.

Our second shoot was the first in the Mid-Century Casting Couch series. At that point, I had moved into a different apartment as the first building I lived in had caught fire and had enough furniture to make it seem relative normal.

Fantastic person and would have loved to work with her more.


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