Kristin must have been the third or fourth model I photographed. And I have no idea why we didn’t work together more than this. It might be because she saw the photos. Which are terrible lol.

Seriously, though, this was after I shot Britney using the same “thrifty fifty.” For whatever reason, I couldn’t compose a single shot worth a damn on this day. With it being fixed focal length, it would look like I couldn’t get far enough away to not chop off either her hands or feet (or both) in a lot of the shots. And it was near impossible to get focus in the living room where the bulk of the shots were taken.

Thank the stars that Kristin was beautiful. And there are a number of shots from this day that I do actually really, really like.

As for the sets, I’ve broken the shoot down into 3 logically different sets even though everything really flowed from one state to the next.

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