Mo, Warehouse

I was grateful that this was one of my last shoots in Columbia. I like shooting in the world outside of wherever I’m living and wasn’t doing it nearly enough during my time there. To have found this place right before I left was fortuitous. And Mo nailed it.

Rachel, Sheer II

Like the Under the Lights series, I shot a second edition of Sheer with Rachel specifically to get rid of the distraction of the mirror. Really like these.

Rachel, Under the Lights II

Had Rachel back in specifically because I wanted to do the Under the Lights shoot again in daylight. Because daylight is, in the parlance of our time, my jam.

Rachel, Sheer

Cannot stress enough how great sheer sheets are for implied nudes and nudes. I had used it with M once already. Rachel and I did one more shoot after this but I’m still on the fence about publishing any of those because it was basically just this shoot done completely over and I think this …

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Care, Center Stage

The last shoot that Care and I did while I lived in Columbia was at this abandoned bar that was completely destroyed. Had a stage for performers that was the focal point of the bar and this shoot. Shot around one in the morning and knocked it out in just over 30 minutes.  This is …

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Rachel, Under the Lights I

Second set with Rachel from our first shoot. I typically like to shoot during the day to work with as much natural light as possible but our shoot started late in the day and ran into the evening. As we neared the end of this set, there were a couple of shots that really nailed …

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Rachel, Mid-Century Casting Couch

This was Rachel‘s first professional shoot. Ever. And the first set with Rachel was the Mid-Century Casting Couch. I was pretty invested in this concept already, the end goal of which was to have twelve different models shoot on it. Rachel shot really well. Totally a fan of that strawberry blonde hair and her complexion.

Care, Untitled

Another concept I had wanted to shoot. This was actually going to be a big production and had hair and makeup people on board for the shoot. But planning went on way too long and so finally, one night, we just went out and shot it. The BB&T building made an excellent backdrop, with it’s …

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Care, Tattoos

A shoot solely focused on Care‘s tattoos. It’s always a fun time shooting her and this shoot was no different. There’s some great video from this shoot.

Care, Tea Service

After the Black + Yellow set, Care and I stepped into my ridiculously small kitchen for a quick set of her in just the yellow gloves and boots. Although it’s a pretty brief set, these are some of my all-time favorite shots of Care.

Care, Black + Yellow

This was a fun night. The gloves are just some cheap drug store dish gloves. It would’ve been nice if the yellows had matched perfectly but the hell if I’m going to spend hours in photoshop making that happen. πŸ™‚ This was the night Care came over with a couple of friends, one of whom …

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Care, All Natural Larry I

Care came over with her stuffed friend Larry who she doesn’t go anywhere without. (He’s been hanging out in the car the times we’ve been shooting.) No makeup and wanted to do an all natural shoot. So we did. First against the studio backdrop and then on the bed. This is the first set against …

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Care, Vic’s Secret

Care, in the same panties from the balcony at the hotel, after getting out of her clothes.

Care, Hotel Shower

After shooting at the pool that morning, Care got in the shower. I hadn’t intended to shoot in there because it was honestly a terrible looking shower for a shoot. However, Care wanted photos so I took a few. At some point, I really need to get a nice hotel room with a nice bath/shower …

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Care, Dress on the Beach

I had purchased this dress a few months before I met Care and finally had a place where it made sense. Not a perfect fit but I don’t think it really mattered since she wasn’t in it long. πŸ™‚ Shot at a very public, very occupied beach. And not a nude beach. Sad note: while …

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Care, Balcony II

A few shots of Care on the balcony in only her peach panties.

Care, Blood Orange Bath

This was fun. This was entirely Care’s idea and it came together pretty much exactly how I thought it would. The “blood” was a mixture of food coloring and corn syrup and I want to say chocolate? In any event, I love these shots. One of my favorite sets with Care.

Care, Test Shoot

Kind of a last minute thing after the More $ shoot with Care. Had a concept I had been wanting to execute but it wasn’t quite working in this space (the stairwell in my apartment.) Still want to shoot it but need to find the right models and right locations for it.

Sierra, Under the Lights

Sierra’s just a great model. And in this set, she gave me one of my all-time favorite shots; three guesses which one it is.

Sierra, Members Only

In the midst of the couch shoot, we took a little interlude and Sierra donned her Members Only jacket.

Sierra, Mid-Century Casting Couch

The first set with Sierra, I fell in love. I so wish that we had been able to shoot more than we did but we could never seem to coordinate schedules.

Cre, Under the Lights

Cre was cool. Killer eyes. Should’ve done more with her but kept the shoot pretty limited.

Cre, Mid-Century Casting Couch

The second model I would shoot on the casting couch was Cre and this was the first “settled” position for the couch. Such a great model to work with.

Krystal Hart, The Pirate Wench

Found this dock while scouting for the shoot with Krystal. Wasn’t exactly in a desolate part of town but there was ample overgrowth to ensure privacy while we shot.

Krystal Hart, Red Hot Fire Sale

Another shoot in the White Studio. Loved the contrast between Krystal Hart‘s skin tone and bikini against the white space.

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