Care, Mid-Century Casting Couch

This is the first set from the first shoot with Care. We had known each other (or of each other) for a while. Followed her on instagram and she was posting normal everyday kind of posts. Then one day, this photo of this great-looking redhead shows up on my feed. And I realize it’s her. So I reach out. She’s familiar with my work and the style of it, would love to shoot, so we set it up. These are from our first set from our first shoot; the first photos I took of Care.

At the time, I was working on a long-running project, the Mid-Century Casting Couch. The shoot runs as a basic strip-down from fully clothed to whatever level of undress the model is comfortable with. Care has no inhibitions when it comes to nudity.  So she started off with this great look with this dress and ended with her in just the heels. And the necklace.

Pretty early on in this shoot, I knew that Care and I would be working together regularly. Everything vibed just right. Fantastic model, super human.