Care, Untitled

Another concept I had wanted to shoot. This was actually going to be a big production and had hair and makeup people on board for the shoot. But planning went on way too long and so finally, one night, we just went out and shot it.

The BB&T building made an excellent backdrop, with it’s lines cutting across frames. And Care’s hair color was perfect. The wind, however, was unforgiving. Who knew feathers wouldn’t be still in the wind? There were a couple of other minor details that were slightly off so, overall, I wasn’t 100% satisfied with the concept execution.

But don’t misinterpret me here: Care was absolute perfection and there are a ton of shots that I absolutely love! But I had a slightly different vision in mind with this project. At some point, I’d definitely like to plan out v2.0 of this concept.

Still, really happy with v1.0