Scott Alexander

Photographer/Mixed Digital Media Artist
Providing creative, focused, and lasting imagery for both personal and professional entities.

Over the past fifteen years, I’ve worked as a fashion/fine art, editorial, and event photographer across multiple industries. Engagement and wedding photography? Sure. Corporate event photography? You bet! What’s that, you ask? Real estate photography? Absolutely! Product and catalog photos? Yep, most definitely. Branding imagery for the socials? 100%!

Over the years, I have developed my own particular aesthetic while also becoming an expert in my field.

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More passionate about all creative endeavors, I could not be. From creating branding imagery for light leaders to getting the shots that sell the properties for real estate companies, every image, whether still or moving, is an opportunity to make an impact.  Having worked across numerous industries, I am as comfortable and dedicated to getting the perfect detail shot of a folded towel on a bathroom countertop to footwear shots on a Costa Rican mountainside.

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Photo sessions

From editorial to portraiture and all points in between.


From weddings to private parties to corporate events.

Branding / Socials

Want to up your game and refine or even redefine your look? Cool.


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"Scott asked me for a testimonial but I haven't given him one yet. But not because we don't lov"
Sabrina + Alberto
Happily Ever after
"Scott has taken some of my favorite photos!"
Ashley R
"If I wasn't me, I would totally hire me!"
Scott Alexander

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