• Reese, Red

    Reese, Red

    The first in the new project, Color Studies. A few shoot notes: The hotel is located in Greensboro and was chosen specifically for the red décor. Could not have been a crappier hotel, though, lol. Why it didn’t dawn on me to pull down the art from the walls beforehand is beyond me. The go-go…

  • Emmy, Hotel Shower

    Emmy, Hotel Shower

    The second set in the hotel, this time with Emmy in the shower.

  • Emmy, Hotel

    Emmy, Hotel

    The second shoot with Emmy. I honestly can’t remember the last time I shot in a hotel but this space worked out really nicely with the colors and décor.

  • Reese, Studio Black

    Reese, Studio Black

    Matched some of Reese‘s killer jewelry with some black bottomless panties, black boots, and a black sheer top for something a little different. Love these shots and definitely shooting Reese in a variation of this look in the future.

  • Reese, Mrs. Blutarsky

    Reese, Mrs. Blutarsky

    From the Gratuitous 80s series. At the end of Animal House, Bluto rides off into the sunset with Mandy Pepperidge. This set sees glimpses into an imagined life with the newly married Mrs. Blutarsky. On this particular day, Mandy (Reese), the perennial student, dons Bluto’s iconic shirt.

  • Reese, Faber College

    Reese, Faber College

    From the Gratuitous 80s series. While technically Animal House was released in the summer of 1978, it set the stage for the coming decade of gratuitous nudity onscreen. This set with Reese reimagines Mandy Pepperidge stripping in the window of her dorm room at Faber College as Bluto looks on from outside, standing on a ladder. In the full…

  • Reese, Bed + Mirror

    Reese, Bed + Mirror

    I’ll let you in on a little secret. While I love using a mirror in shoots, the primary reason I’m using this mirror as a headboard during shoots is to cover an ugly window AC unit. Well, maybe it’s not the primary reason but definitely one of the reasons. 🙂 Reese looking sexy as ever…

  • Reese, White

    Reese, White

    The last set with Reese from our shoot on Halloween 2020. Super happy about having connected with her. Definitely one of my all-time favorite models.

  • Reese, Mid-Century Casting Couch

    Reese, Mid-Century Casting Couch

    This was the first set here in Winston-Salem with Reese after our shoot over the summer out in the country. At the first shoot, we talked about working together regularly and then our attempts to coordinate schedules kept falling through and it would be three months before we’d finally meet up again. But now? Now,…

  • Emmy, Red

    Emmy, Red

    The second set from the first shoot with Emmy. Had so many sets planned for this day but ended up shooting two. We decided on this for the second shoot because she absolutely wanted to shoot with this outfit. An excellent choice. 🙂

  • Emmy, Mid-Century Casting Couch

    Emmy, Mid-Century Casting Couch

    The first set from the first shoot with Emmy. Cannot say enough good things about her. This set lasted a lot longer than I usually spend with the couch but, ultimately, there’s really no down side.

  • Alyssa, Soviet America

    Alyssa, Soviet America

    Back in 2016, with the country hyper-focused on Russian interference in the election, the concept for a Soviet America series formulated in my mind and I immediately wanted to shoot it. Roughly 4 years later, my path crossed with Alyssa and I knew she would be absolutely perfect for it! And she soooo very much…

  • Alyssa, Red

    Alyssa, Red

    The third set we shot this day, the second on the bed. Red definitely works for Alyssa. While this set contains almost exclusively lingerie shots (with a couple of implied nudes at the end), the full set is mostly nudes.

  • Alyssa, Black

    Alyssa, Black

    This was the second set Alyssa and I shot on this day, the first on the bed. It’s amazing how the same lingerie will look entirely different on different body types. This piece didn’t work at all for another model who had tried it on about a year prior. But for Alyssa? It worked pretty…

  • Reese, Barn II

    Reese, Barn II

    The third set from the first shoot with Reese. Just a fantastic model. Love these shots. The complete set is most, most excellent. 🙂

  • Reese, Barn I

    Reese, Barn I

    So Reese has access to this cabin in the woods which has just great land around it, including a barn. Our first and third sets were shot in the barn.

  • Care, Shell

    Care, Shell

    Very cool landmark in Winston-Salem, one of the original Shell gas stations. Showed up around sunrise to beat the traffic as this is on one of the busier streets in town. This shoot was slightly different in that it’s sort of a combination fashion/nude shoot since we shot this with Care only wearing a dress…

  • Care, Barn + Flowers

    Care, Barn + Flowers

    Found this abandoned barn structure on the outskirts of town for Care and I to shoot at. Very much digging the feel of these. Care’s got the curves.

  • Care, Mid-Century Casting Couch II

    Care, Mid-Century Casting Couch II

    Care wanted to do a follow up, version two so to speak, of the couch set. And so we did. Not unhappy about it. 🙂

  • Care, Stream

    Care, Stream

    After shooting her on the Bridge, Care stripped down for some full nudes in and around the stream running underneath it.

  • Care, Sitting Room Nudes

    Care, Sitting Room Nudes

    The last of three sets featuring Care, nude, in the sitting room.

  • Care, Sitting Room I

    Care, Sitting Room I

    A continuation of the Blue Jean Jacket set, this set has Care with the jacket removed in just panties and heels.

  • Care, Pedestal

    Care, Pedestal

    The last set of the night with Care, this was kind of the natural extension of the Sitting Room Nudes. Love these in that they have a very gallery-esque look to them. I decided after the shoot that it would make sense to actually get two of the shots framed and hang them on the…

  • Care, Bridge

    Care, Bridge

    After 9 months of not shooting together, Care and I were finally able to get together again and shoot once more. She has a much more womanly appearance now. Just beautiful. This was the first of a number of sets we shot over a two-day period. This is the only set we shot that wasn’t…

  • Care, Blue Jean Jacket

    Care, Blue Jean Jacket

    This was kind of a late night shoot, happening a few hours after the Bridge and Stream shoots and gorging on pizza while going through those photos. The glasses gave Care a much more librarian-y kind of feel but there was literally nothing else about her that said “librarian.” 🙂 This set was more of…

  • Alyssa, Plague Doctor

    Alyssa, Plague Doctor

    This was fun. Could’ve spent a lot longer shooting this with Alyssa but we weren’t exactly in a remote location. We shot this just off of a trail around a city park in Winston-Salem. This set is really three sets in one: Plague Doctor, Plague Doctor (Unmasked), and then Plague Doctor (Bare Essentials). Each set…

  • Alyssa, Mid-Century Casting Couch

    Alyssa, Mid-Century Casting Couch

    Totally into Alyssa‘s look and style. Very hippy-chic. Gorgeous eyes and just a fantastic model. But mostly a super cool human.

  • Valkyrie, Red Lingerie

    Valkyrie, Red Lingerie

    There is a detail in this set of photos that maddens me. I didn’t notice it until I got to post but it’s waaaay too much work to fix after the fact. Absolutely nothing to do with Valkyrie. She was perfect and I love her expression and body poses in all of the shots. But…

  • Valkyrie, Mid-Century Casting Couch

    Valkyrie, Mid-Century Casting Couch

    This was one of the most fun shoots I’ve had in a loooong time. Can’t say enough good things about Valkyrie.

  • Mo, Mid-Century Casting Couch

    Mo, Mid-Century Casting Couch

    Mo‘s sets in Winston-Salem for this shoot were kind of all mixed together. The couch series runs as a basic stripdown, but with Mo, we shot it in two states: lingerie and full nudes. The lingerie set didn’t quite work out as strictly lingerie since it didn’t precisely cover her at times. Which was fine.…