• Skye, Pink Boots

    Skye, Pink Boots

    Skye had posted a photo of herself in these boots prior to our shoot and I messaged her to say, “Absolutely, bring those.” I had originally thought to do something at a construction site or something with harder colors and contrast but man, I couldn’t be more pleased with the way these came out. Totally worked…

  • Skye, Mid-Century Casting Couch

    Skye, Mid-Century Casting Couch

    I’ve been lucky to find not just beautiful models to shoot but just fantastic people. Skye falls solidly in that group. And strongly in both departments. This was the first of two sets we did for our first shoot. No explicit nudity but fully implied. Skye is just stunning.

  • M, Sheer

    M, Sheer

    One of the better ideas I had was shooting with a sheer sheet. Still would’ve been nice to shoot M with it outdoors in a field somewhere.

  • M, Purple Panties

    M, Purple Panties

    After the “fiasco” with the black panties not really covering M, I bought another pair that I thought would work better. They worked just fine. 🙂

  • M, Mid-Century Casting Couch

    M, Mid-Century Casting Couch

    This was fun. It was fortunate that M‘s hair was as long as it was at the time we shot since we were shooting implied nudes. What was less fortunate were these particular butt-less panties. Butt-less panties look great on M. But these particular panties kept riding up in front while we were shooting turning…

  • M, Under the Lights II

    M, Under the Lights II

    M has such a great ass. I mean, I love everything about her as a model: great eyes, great facial expression, she poses wonderfully, but her butt is awesome. So buttless panties were a reeeeeally good look for her.

  • M, Bicycle I

    M, Bicycle I

    The first set from the first shoot with M. I always tell models before shoots what I’m planning for us to shoot (as well as giving them guidelines on styling and wardrobe). M was comfortable shooting implied nudes so we shot exactly that with this great bike I have. M nailed it. Shot in the…

  • Care + M, Red

    Care + M, Red

    After Care came over with M that one night, I knew I wanted to shoot M again. So this was our first shoot. She was awesome. It’s always interesting shooting two models together to see how they’ll both interact with each other and with the camera. In this case, Care very much took the lead…

  • Care, Balcony I

    Care, Balcony I

    Care and I took a trip down to Myrtle Beach and stayed in a hotel so we could knock out a few shoots in the area. This was day two, getting ready before leaving the hotel. Also, pro-tip: if you have a choice between oceanfront and ocean-view rooms, always go with oceanfront.

  • Carrie, Under the Lights

    Carrie, Under the Lights

    Carrie has a definite look to her – captivating. Absolutely gorgeous eyes.

  • Lux, Under the Lights

    Lux, Under the Lights

    These were fun shots with Lux. Just great to work with.

  • Lux, Mid-Century Casting Couch

    Lux, Mid-Century Casting Couch

    Lux was fun. Super nice. The shoot went on for a lot longer than I anticipated but worth it.

  • Julia, Mid-Century Casting Couch

    Julia, Mid-Century Casting Couch

    The first model I would photograph on the couch would be the first model I photographed in Columbia: Julia. At this point, I had an idea of what I wanted to shoot with the couch but didn’t have a solid plan. With Julia only shooting lingerie and implied nudes, it wasn’t exactly what I was…

  • Paige Cowell, Park

    Paige Cowell, Park

    After shooting our first set at the house, we headed out to a park close by to take some other shots.

  • Kristina, Futon

    Kristina, Futon

    The first set of three that we shot. Kristina is one of the hottest “alt models” I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Truly gorgeous.

  • Tracey, Camera for Sale

    Tracey, Camera for Sale

    Tracey, selling you my camera. It’s for sale. Paperweight status only.

  • Allison, You Can Leave Your Hat On

    Allison, You Can Leave Your Hat On

    Arguably one of the best striptease songs ever is Randy Newman’s You Can Leave Your Hat On as performed by Joe Cocker. I hadn’t planned this as an homage to that song but Allison made it exactly that with her wearing only the hat by the end of this set.

  • Allison, Hermosa III

    Allison, Hermosa III

    After spending a little time in the jungle, eating a peach, and then getting to the root of the matter, Allison got dirty on the beach. And then cleaned up. And then got muddy. And then got clean all over again. There’s a lot to see in the full set with over 150 photos.

  • Allison, Hermosa II

    Allison, Hermosa II

    A beautiful day on a beautiful beach with Allison. A good ways down Playa Hermosa, far enough away from the crowds that we couldn’t even see people in the distance. This is actually is one of my favorite sets, despite the fact that I had to shoot it in manual focus. And definitely one of…

  • Allison, Jungle

    Allison, Jungle

    I have to hand it to Allison for being a good sport. Because I had a vision for a photo and video shoot and, clearly, I was crazy from the heat when I came up with it. Me: Alright, here’s the idea: You’re taped naked to a palm tree in the jungle. And of course,…

  • Jess, Scarf

    Jess, Scarf

    One of a few different sets Jess and I shot at the hotel.

  • Allison


    One of the great things about the small towns in Costa Rica (and really, anywhere) is that you know everyone if you don’t at least know of them. So Allison was visiting a friend at a neighboring cabina in Jaco one day and we were introduced. We set up our first shoot for the next…

  • Carrie


    I don’t recall how Carrie and I connected but I know I was the one who reached out to her. Was totally captivated by her look. We did one shoot together and, unfortunately, not long after she moved to Germany. Super nice and super beautiful.

  • Jess


    Funny story about Jess. So some media outlet was having some sort of competition looking for photographers and I was really excited about it. After looking for a model, Jess came to the forefront. So our first shoot was all about this. Shot under the causeway going from Miami to the beach. I rarely hire…

  • Jessica


    When I first moved to Costa Rica, I was leary of shooting models and it wasn’t until after I moved to Jaco that I felt comfortable enough to shoot. Jessica was the first model I photographed there and the goal was to shoot very generic/faceless photography for which I had somehow imagined a purpose. The…

  • Julia


    Julia was the first model I photographed after moving to Columbia, SC. And it was kind of funny because, at the time, I didn’t really own anything. I had been living a fairly minimalist lifestyle for a pretty long time, buying furniture and whatnot as needed to fill up whatever space I lived in, so…

  • Kristina


    For some reason, at the end of 2016, I made it my mission to start shooting more models more often. I think I photographed about four different models that month. In any event, Kristina was one of those models. Met her through someone else and immediately brought up shooting because she’s just beautiful. We only…

  • Lux


    Lux reached out to me in response to an ad, if I remember correctly. Of all the models I’ve shot, nobody has ever transformed the way she did the day we shot. I had seen photos of her and liked her look. But when she showed up, I could only vaguely see the person in…

  • M


    Sweet Jesus, M is something else. Care and I had a shoot planned one night and, on the way over, she said she was bringing a couple of friends. M was one of those friends. Was immediately and obviously sold on her. Just complete natural beauty. Sadly, M has moved literally thousands of miles away…

  • Samanda


    Samanda reached out to me for a shoot while I was living in Jaco. There was a tree in a mountain town that she specifically wanted to shoot beside. So she, her sister, and her mother picked me up the day of the shoot, we drove for two hours to Miramar, climbed a mountain, shot…