Allison, Jungle

I have to hand it to Allison for being a good sport. Because I had a vision for a photo and video shoot and, clearly, I was crazy from the heat when I came up with it.

Me: Alright, here’s the idea: You’re taped naked to a palm tree in the jungle. And of course, being the nature photographer that I am, I happen upon you while I’m out exploring!

Her: Okay, sounds good.

Me: And then you’ll act alarmed.

Her: Okay.

Me: But I’ll cut you loose from the tape.

Her: Phew!

Me: And then you’ll run away because why wouldn’t you?

Her: Right.

Me: But then you’ll come back because you’ll see I have a banana!

Her: That makes sense. Because I’m probably starving from being tied to a tree in the jungle!

Me: That’s what I was thinking!

In unision: “Okay team, break!”

(Not the actual conversation but really, how far off could it be?)

Seriously, what the fuck? I mean, it was fun. And goofy. And the whole day, from the jungle to the beach, produced a ton of great shots and great video but what the fuck? Could’ve done a million things with Allison naked in the jungle and I tied her to a damn tree with electrical tape. Delirium.

On a technical note, the set is broken down into three subsets: 1) the photos from the scene, 2) complementary/bonus photos, and of course 3) outtakes.

10 points for the best back story as to how Allison ended up in that situation.


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