Madison + Britney, Black + White II

The first shoot I did with two models was with Madison Scott and Britney Brooks. Great fun and super casual. I had already shot both of them previously (Madison being the first model I ever shot and then she referred Britney to me.) So the two of them knew each other which made it go as easily as it could. There was a brief moment (caught in a group of candids in the full set) where they both went on some hysterical tangent about some tv show; that was as difficult as the shoot got, wrangling them back from that. 🙂 But they shot beautifully together and it was super low-stress.

It was kind of funny because Madison was in town for the Exxxotica convention where I ended up meeting her later that day. And I always chuckled at the peculiarity of the situation: too young for a cocktail at the convention but old enough for cock in the tail as she was already balls deep in her career in adult films.

Back to the shoot, though. This was the second of two sets we shot. Pretty straight forward: a basic stripdown with a little added erotica along the way. There is one fun thing at the end: this shoot had an additional “sponsor” so a pretty decent tribute was paid to them. A lot more of that in the full set in the shop.

Honestly, there are a ton of great photos in here that I love but, truly, the first set has some killer images in it. And I think the first set is, by far, the stronger set of the two. Still though, I dig this set, no doubt. And, as you’ll see, I still haven’t figured out how to get everything in frame that needs to be in frame. I’d like to blame it on not having enough room with the lenses I was using but that definitely wasn’t the case since one of the lenses was plenty wide enough. In any event, these are pretty hot. Pretty sexy. Pretty pretty. 🙂


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