Ava Addams + Renna Ryann, At the Park

This was a pretty fun day of shooting with Ava and Renna. In addition to shooting both of them individually and together for some harder stuff, we ventured out to Flamingo Park across the street for a little public erotica. For reference, this isn’t an empty park. At any hour of the day. This is the park where everyone goes in South Beach. People walking dogs, playing on the tennis, basketball, racquetball, or handball courts, swimming, exercising, cutting across to the other side of the beach, or just hanging out with friends.

Going there in the middle of the afternoon, we were honestly lucky we didn’t see more people than we did. And it’s amazing the cops weren’t called. You can see some guy playing catch with his dog in the background in a few photos but the hilarious part is the whole crew of guys just hanging out by the fence in the background you can see in a number of shots. Just standing around watching all of this. And I’m sure they were just like, “South Beach, amirite?” Because South Beach is just kind of the place that this sort of thing happens. Glad to be a part of making it all happen lol

On a side note, I don’t know if this set was planned ahead of time or not; Renna would’ve had to have brought workout clothes with her to our place. I have a feeling that she just borrowed something of Ava’s since she didn’t have workout shoes of any sort with her.

Who knows? Who cares? It’s Ava and Renna getting naked and fooling around at the park in broad daylight; wardrobe questions are irrelevant.


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