Playa Hermosa

Allison, Hermosa II

A beautiful day on a beautiful beach with Allison. A good ways down Playa Hermosa, far enough away from the crowds that we couldn’t even see people in the distance. This is actually is one of my favorite sets, despite the fact that I had to shoot it in manual focus. And definitely one of …

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Allison, Hermosa I

Once you get a good way down the coast at Playa Hermosa it’s pretty much entirely deserted and it’s here where we shot everything that day, a little in the jungle, a little on the beach. This was the first set on the beach, just at the edge of it right before you hit the …

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Allison, Jungle

I have to hand it to Allison for being a good sport. Because I had a vision for a photo and video shoot and, clearly, I was crazy from the heat when I came up with it. Me: Alright, here’s the idea: You’re taped naked to a palm tree in the jungle. And of course, …

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One of the great things about the small towns in Costa Rica (and really, anywhere) is that you know everyone if you don’t at least know of them. So Allison was visiting a friend at a neighboring cabina in Jaco one day and we were introduced. We set up our first shoot for the next …

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