• Reese, Red

    Reese, Red

    The first in the new project, Color Studies. A few shoot notes: The hotel is located in Greensboro and was chosen specifically for the red décor. Could not have been a crappier hotel, though, lol. Why it didn’t dawn on me to pull down the art from the walls beforehand is beyond me. The go-go…

  • Valkyrie, Red Lingerie

    Valkyrie, Red Lingerie

    There is a detail in this set of photos that maddens me. I didn’t notice it until I got to post but it’s waaaay too much work to fix after the fact. Absolutely nothing to do with Valkyrie. She was perfect and I love her expression and body poses in all of the shots. But…

  • Care + M, Red

    Care + M, Red

    After Care came over with M that one night, I knew I wanted to shoot M again. So this was our first shoot. She was awesome. It’s always interesting shooting two models together to see how they’ll both interact with each other and with the camera. In this case, Care very much took the lead…

  • Care, Tea Service

    Care, Tea Service

    After the Black + Yellow set, Care and I stepped into my ridiculously small kitchen for a quick set of her in just the yellow gloves and boots. Although it’s a pretty brief set, these are some of my all-time favorite shots of Care.

  • Care, Vic’s Secret

    Care, Vic’s Secret

    Care, in the same panties from the balcony at the hotel, after getting out of her clothes.

  • Care, House of Mirrors

    Care, House of Mirrors

    After getting to Myrtle Beach and getting some food in our bellies, our first stop (the one that was a definite plan) was the Mirror Maze. Care had a dress she wanted to shoot with inside and it worked out beautifully. The lights kept shifting colors which actually made for some great, great shots. Not…

  • Care, Red Coat

    Care, Red Coat

    I bought this red coat for a particular model and we never ended up shooting in it. Mentioned it to Care and so we did a few quick shots inside with her wearing it. Still have the coat. I need to find the right spot. Still, love the shots of Care.

  • Care, More $

    Care, More $

    Shot at an emptied out room above a shop in Five Points. The chair was broken, a remnant from the shop below. The sprayed lettering was already there which worked out well. Almost 40 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage.

  • Care, Mid-Century Casting Couch

    Care, Mid-Century Casting Couch

    This is the first set from the first shoot with Care. We had known each other (or of each other) for a while. Followed her on instagram and she was posting normal everyday kind of posts. Then one day, this photo of this great-looking redhead shows up on my feed. And I realize it’s her.…

  • Krystal Hart, Red Hot Fire Sale

    Krystal Hart, Red Hot Fire Sale

    Another shoot in the White Studio. Loved the contrast between Krystal Hart‘s skin tone and bikini against the white space.

  • Tracey, Soviet America

    Tracey, Soviet America

    The red could not have been more red. And red looks sexy on comrade Tracey. 🙂 In Soviet America, model shoots photographer!

  • Jess, Bedroom

    Jess, Bedroom

    I’m sure if I gave it any thought I could remember the name of this boutique hotel where we shot. But it was pretty perfect for what we were shooting. The pop of red from her Louboutin’s accented the photos nicely. The photos in the sweats at the end were sort of in-between shots from…

  • Kesley, Houston

    Kesley, Houston

    When I was traveling back across the country, I stayed with a friend for a night or two who was gracious enough to let me do a shoot in her place with Kesley. We shot a variety of outfits in her place, from fashion to lingerie, and then took a few shots downstairs around the…

  • Delila Darling, Red Dress

    Delila Darling, Red Dress

    This set with Delila is purely a strip down to explicit nudes with some erotica thrown in along the way. The red dress and underwear weren’t on long, leaving the bulk of the shots of Delila wearing only high heels. Delila’s combination of red hair, naturally green eyes, and the red painted nails in this…

  • Kristin, Apartment II

    Kristin, Apartment II

    This set is sort of the odd one out since the first and third are clearly stripdowns. This set is all of the strictly nude photos in between those sets, with me trying out a few different scenarios. If I had been a smart man, I would’ve simply shot everything in the bedroom against the…

  • Britney Brooks, Red + White

    Britney Brooks, Red + White

    This was the third set Britney and I shot and, like the first set, we shot this in the living room. The natural light was best in the bedroom (which you can see in Spongebob Squarepanties) but I was also using a really harsh work/utility light here. This was either my second or third shoot…

  • A Thing of Booty, Volume 1

    A Thing of Booty, Volume 1

    Volume 1 from the series, this set focuses exclusively on bikini bottoms.