• Renna Ryann, Yoga in the Forest

    Renna Ryann, Yoga in the Forest

    I actually have no idea where this place is. I tried to go back and find it on a map but couldn’t. I suppose I could just ask Renna. Anyway, it was somewhere pretty far back in these wooded trails near a library. I kept waiting for someone to appear but neither of us saw…

  • Renna Ryann, Downtown

    Renna Ryann, Downtown

    From the last shoot Renna and I did together while I lived in South Beach. It was always so unfortunate, us living in different cities. If we had only lived in the same city, we would’ve been hanging out and shooting all the time. These were all shot at a shopping/business center which was fairly…

  • Anastasia, The Couch

    Anastasia, The Couch

    Anastasia naked on the couch in the hotel.

  • Anastasia, Bathing

    Anastasia, Bathing

    Anastasia bathing in the hotel. After shooting her in the tub, we moved to the bedroom for some wet body shots.

  • Anastasia, Disrobed

    Anastasia, Disrobed

    The second set indoors from this shoot with Anastasia.

  • Anastasia, Bedroom

    Anastasia, Bedroom

    After getting some shots at a nearby park and around the hotel, we settled into the hotel room for the main feature: Anastasia naked all over the place. This was the first of the four sets shot inside.

  • Anastasia, The Hotel

    Anastasia, The Hotel

    For our second shoot, Anastasia had recommended this classic hotel in Palm Beach which turned out to be perfect. These were shot around the hotel before shooting indoors.

  • Anastasia, The Flash

    Anastasia, The Flash

    Before Anastasia and I got settled in for some indoor shooting we did some shooting around the area with her in a yellow dress sans underwear.

  • A Thing of Booty, Volume 3

    A Thing of Booty, Volume 3

    Volume 3 in A Thing of Booty features an eclectic mix of derrières, including micro bikini, lingerie, implied nude, nude, erotica, and erotica+ shots.

  • Anastasia


    Anastasia was one of the nicer earlier surprises in my shooting career. Spent forever trying to coordinate our first shoot. Every time we’d set it up, something would come up and it would fall through. The last time we tried to schedule a shoot, I got up in the morning as I usually do and…

  • Renna Ryann

    Renna Ryann

    The first time I photographed Renna Ryann nude, she paid me in Nesquik chocolate milk. We still laugh about it, a dozen years later. Definitely one of my closest friends. And it was because I shot her friend Britney, that she reached out. Renna liked her photos and so contacted me about doing a pregnancy…