• Samanda, Cowgirl

    Samanda, Cowgirl

    Really didn’t know there would be horses where we were going to be shooting on that day. Yet, there they were which worked out really well since Samanda wanted to do a whole cowgirl shoot.

  • Samanda, The Tree

    Samanda, The Tree

    True story: So Samanda wanted to shoot with a very specific tree located in a town pretty far north of where we were in Costa Rica. This shoot was an all-day adventure. Spent hours driving (with the family) to where the tree was located. Spent another 30-45 minutes hiking up a mountain to get to…

  • Samanda


    Samanda reached out to me for a shoot while I was living in Jaco. There was a tree in a mountain town that she specifically wanted to shoot beside. So she, her sister, and her mother picked me up the day of the shoot, we drove for two hours to Miramar, climbed a mountain, shot…