• Care, Vic’s Secret

    Care, Vic’s Secret

    Care, in the same panties from the balcony at the hotel, after getting out of her clothes.

  • Care, Stars on the Beach

    Care, Stars on the Beach

    Care in crochet shorts and a sheer top covered in stars at Huntington Beach State Park.

  • Care, Dress on the Beach

    Care, Dress on the Beach

    I had purchased this dress a few months before I met Care and finally had a place where it made sense. Not a perfect fit but I don’t think it really mattered since she wasn’t in it long. 🙂 Shot at a very public, very occupied beach. And not a nude beach. Sad note: while…

  • Care, Atalaya

    Care, Atalaya

    On our trip to Myrtle Beach, one of the plans was to find a nice stretch of deserted beach where we could shoot freely. Did a little searching and found Huntington Beach State Park. When we got there, it was drizzling and there was this nice landmark home there, Atalaya. So we wandered through there…

  • Care


    Care and I had mutual friends in Columbia and we might have spoken once or twice. Not often. Followed her on Instagram, very “life as it is” kind of stream. Then one day I’m scrolling down and there’s this gorgeous redhead on my feed. And it’s her. So of course I reached out. We immediately…