• Katie Cummings, Fun at the Beach

    Katie Cummings, Fun at the Beach

    The last real set from the second day of shooting with Katie, we ended up at Haulover Beach, the nude beach just north of Miami Beach. This was fun. The video is kind of funny. Sexy. But funny. 🙂

  • Katie Cummings, Yellow

    Katie Cummings, Yellow

    On the way to the beach, Katie and I entered this bright yellow tunnel. It was too good an opportunity to not take a few shots, especially with her wearing yellow shorts at the time.

  • Renna Ryann, Shower Show

    Renna Ryann, Shower Show

    This set was at the tail end of our second beach shoot at Haulover. Renna used to be all about the public nudity and seeing what she could get away with. The showers at Haulover are NOT for nude showering; you’re not actually supposed to be nude until you’re on the beach itself. So we…

  • Renna Ryann, Lifeguard Shack

    Renna Ryann, Lifeguard Shack

    Another early morning shoot at Haulover Beach with Renna. This one didn’t go quite as unnoticed. While we were shooting at the lifeguard shack, some naked guy in the distance behind me decided to start stroking it. Don’t remember if I turned around and said something or Renna did but he moved on without incident,…

  • Renna Ryann, Tiki Hut Nudes

    Renna Ryann, Tiki Hut Nudes

    Following the Sunrise set, Renna and I headed to a tiki hut that was back against the dunes. The sunlight was crazy harsh by this time but I think you’ll agree we still got the shots. 🙂

  • Renna Ryann, Sunrise

    Renna Ryann, Sunrise

    Just north of Miami Beach, there’s an all nude beach, Haulover Beach. Renna and I actually shot here twice; this was our first run at it. Funny story: so sometimes, guys will contact me and ask if I need someone to hold the lights or reflectors. Or anything at all. So before this shoot, I…

  • A Thing of Booty, Volume 3

    A Thing of Booty, Volume 3

    Volume 3 in A Thing of Booty features an eclectic mix of derrières, including micro bikini, lingerie, implied nude, nude, erotica, and erotica+ shots.

  • Katie Cummings

    Katie Cummings

    Katie Cummings was one of the earliest models I shot when I decided I wanted to start running my own adult site. Never really invested the time, money, or energy into properly building the site up so I ended up with just these random photo sets and solo scenes from various models, Katie being among…

  • Renna Ryann

    Renna Ryann

    The first time I photographed Renna Ryann nude, she paid me in Nesquik chocolate milk. We still laugh about it, a dozen years later. Definitely one of my closest friends. And it was because I shot her friend Britney, that she reached out. Renna liked her photos and so contacted me about doing a pregnancy…