• Care, Barn + Flowers

    Care, Barn + Flowers

    Found this abandoned barn structure on the outskirts of town for Care and I to shoot at. Very much digging the feel of these. Care’s got the curves.

  • Care, Center Stage

    Care, Center Stage

    The last shoot that Care and I did while I lived in Columbia was at this abandoned bar that was completely destroyed. Had a stage for performers that was the focal point of the bar and this shoot. Shot around one in the morning and knocked it out in just over 30 minutes.  This is…

  • Care, Tea Service

    Care, Tea Service

    After the Black + Yellow set, Care and I stepped into my ridiculously small kitchen for a quick set of her in just the yellow gloves and boots. Although it’s a pretty brief set, these are some of my all-time favorite shots of Care.

  • Care, Black + Yellow

    Care, Black + Yellow

    This was a fun night. The gloves are just some cheap drug store dish gloves. It would’ve been nice if the yellows had matched perfectly but the hell if I’m going to spend hours in photoshop making that happen. 🙂 This was the night Care came over with a couple of friends, one of whom…

  • Lakota, Cowgirl I

    Lakota, Cowgirl I

    The first of two sets we shot. Lakota knew of this location and had shot there previously. I showed up without seeing it beforehand and I have to say, for what I envisioned shooting, it really couldn’t have been more perfect. And Lakota was beautiful.

  • Irmina, Jaco

    Irmina, Jaco

    The first of two shoots that we did together. There was this kind of cool tube that was just laying around heading toward the south end of Jaco that I had spotted one day. Of course, it wasn’t hard. It wasn’t like it was off the beaten path or anything. The entire shoot was shot…

  • Katie Cummings, Fun at the Beach

    Katie Cummings, Fun at the Beach

    The last real set from the second day of shooting with Katie, we ended up at Haulover Beach, the nude beach just north of Miami Beach. This was fun. The video is kind of funny. Sexy. But funny. 🙂

  • Katie Cummings, Yellow

    Katie Cummings, Yellow

    On the way to the beach, Katie and I entered this bright yellow tunnel. It was too good an opportunity to not take a few shots, especially with her wearing yellow shorts at the time.

  • Anastasia, The Hotel

    Anastasia, The Hotel

    For our second shoot, Anastasia had recommended this classic hotel in Palm Beach which turned out to be perfect. These were shot around the hotel before shooting indoors.

  • Anastasia, The Flash

    Anastasia, The Flash

    Before Anastasia and I got settled in for some indoor shooting we did some shooting around the area with her in a yellow dress sans underwear.

  • Karol, Miami II

    Karol, Miami II

    The second shoot with Karol was pretty much the first shoot all over again. And I’m not sure why I did it like that because there were plenty of shots from the first shoot (both sets) that came out great. But I have no regrets because we produced some images during this second shoot that…

  • Christie, Yellow

    Christie, Yellow

    Christie strips out of her one article of clothing, a yellow top. I take that back; she had heels on.

  • A Thing of Booty, Volume 2

    A Thing of Booty, Volume 2

    Volume 2 in A Thing of Booty features an eclectic mix of derrières, including micro-bikini, lingerie, implied nude, nude, erotica, and erotica+ shots.