• Skye, Pink Boots

    Skye, Pink Boots

    Skye had posted a photo of herself in these boots prior to our shoot and I messaged her to say, “Absolutely, bring those.” I had originally thought to do something at a construction site or something with harder colors and contrast but man, I couldn’t be more pleased with the way these came out. Totally worked…

  • Valkyrie + Fox, Pink

    Valkyrie + Fox, Pink

    This was a fun set. I actually bought the wigs and lingerie Valkyrie + Fox are wearing at the end of February for an Easter shoot that the three of us had talked about doing. Of course, the pandemic put the kabosh on that. So it was nice to do something with them finally. Really…

  • Cindy + Leidy, Doce Lunas

    Cindy + Leidy, Doce Lunas

    From the shoot at Doce Lunas, this is the very small set of photos of Cindy and Leidy together.

  • Allison, Mirador I

    Allison, Mirador I

    The first set from the first lingerie shoot with Allison. Shot at the Mirador, this fantastic, graffiti-covered structure up in the mountains just outside of Jaco.

  • Jordan, Surfer Girl

    Jordan, Surfer Girl

    When I was living in Costa Rica, there was a brief period where I was shooting a weekly feature for an online news/entertainment site: Surfer Girl of the Week. Jordan modeled for this one week. I caught serious grief for this (and rightfully so) because I wasn’t in fact, actually shooting surfer girls. There were…

  • Nella, Hot Pink

    Nella, Hot Pink

    The second set with Nella on the balcony, this is one of my favorites with her. And it’s mostly for the colors. Nella’s gorgeous in all of her shots in all of the sets, but this particular color combination was really nice.

  • Josie, Mask

    Josie, Mask

    The first of two solo scenes I shot with Josie for the adult site I was running at the time. This set contains only the stills. That I recall, I never put the video together – I only used a couple of seconds for a promo video. Given her look with the wig, the mask,…

  • Kesley, Houston

    Kesley, Houston

    When I was traveling back across the country, I stayed with a friend for a night or two who was gracious enough to let me do a shoot in her place with Kesley. We shot a variety of outfits in her place, from fashion to lingerie, and then took a few shots downstairs around the…

  • Renna Ryann, On the Rocks

    Renna Ryann, On the Rocks

    Following the Public Garden set, Renna and I made our way to the jetty at the tip of South Beach. Broad daylight and there were people all over the jetty. Renna was a little sneaky, though, hiding behind rocks as best she could while stripping out of her dress and masturbating with a dildo. And…

  • Ava Addams + Tatiana, Pink

    Ava Addams + Tatiana, Pink

    Ava and Tatiana getting intimate on a staircase was a scene. The matching pink outfits were provided by Tatiana. I was going to say that this is another set that starts off innocently enough but there’s nothing innocent about this set. At all.

  • Ava Addams, Pink

    Ava Addams, Pink

    At the time of this shoot, Ava and I were just beginning to shoot content regularly for her site. We’d shoot photos first followed by video. This was the first of two sets this day, with all of them from here on out following the standard solo scene format. Always the foot shots for the…

  • Kesley, Beach

    Kesley, Beach

    This was the last shoot of a marathon day with Kesley and the first bikini shoot I ever shot. I don’t know how it worked out that the white balance was completely screwed in these shots but I was still shooting jpg format then before I got smart. 🙂 The colors in a lot of…

  • A Thing of Booty, Volume 2

    A Thing of Booty, Volume 2

    Volume 2 in A Thing of Booty features an eclectic mix of derrières, including micro-bikini, lingerie, implied nude, nude, erotica, and erotica+ shots.

  • A Thing of Booty, Volume 1

    A Thing of Booty, Volume 1

    Volume 1 from the series, this set focuses exclusively on bikini bottoms.