Style Lingerie

Mo, Purple Lingerie

I generally keep a small wardrobe of assorted lingerie on hand for shoots, items that I’ve purchased that didn’t get used in shoots but might be able to be used at a later date. There was an item I purchased…

M, Under the Lights III

What is this? Didn’t you already shoot an Under the Lights set with M in that exact outfit? Yes. And I brought her back in to redo this set because I completely goofed the first set. Somehow, I had moved…

M, Kitty

M in pussycat panties and a sheer white top with a saucer of milk. Done.

M, Under the Lights I

Had purchased this piece for shooting and thought it might work well for M. I think it worked just fine. 🙂

Care, Red Coat

I bought this red coat for a particular model and we never ended up shooting in it. Mentioned it to Care and so we did a few quick shots inside with her wearing it. Still have the coat. I need…

Carrie, Porch

Shot on the back porch of a building in the middle of town, surrounded by a bunch of college-kid filled duplexes. This was the second set Carrie and I shot and this was the last time I had models take…

Julia, Lights

One of the smallest sets, this was more experiment than anything. I had just purchased these lights and wanted to do a little DOF shooting with them, uncertain how I was going to use them. Julia obliged magnificently. (I’d use…

Julia, At the Park

One of the longer-running projects I’m shooting features the bicycle pictured here in the shoot. Julia was the first model I’d shoot with it.

Kristina, Tree

There was this great tree in the yard where I was living in Ybor that I would’ve used a lot more than I did were it not for the fact that there were neighbors in eyesight literally on all sides…

Tracey, The Traveler

This was a good look that Tracey wore really well. I was sold on that hat before she brought it. And then all of this together was perfection.

Tracey, Soviet America

The red could not have been more red. And red looks sexy on comrade Tracey. 🙂 In Soviet America, model shoots photographer!

Tracey, Futon

Tracey is one of the leggiest models I’ve photographed, accentuated even moreso by the shortness of the couch.

Virginia, Ybor

The most fun-sized model I’ve photographed, Virginia was right at 5″ tall. If that. Super sweet person.

Samanda, The Tree

True story: So Samanda wanted to shoot with a very specific tree located in a town pretty far north of where we were in Costa Rica. This shoot was an all-day adventure. Spent hours driving (with the family) to where…

Vanessa, Balcony

Another shoot during the long stretch of time when I was shooting everything in manual focus which, for this shoot, was a shame as there were far too many missed shots. Loved these shots of Vanessa, though.

Mafé, Condo II

While we were on the balcony, Mafé had a few onlookers from another balcony so we ended up inside pretty quickly.

Vivienne, Red

The third of three sets with Vivienne at El Presidente in South Beach.

Vivienne, Black

For our second shoot, I had booked a room at El Presidente in South Beach to host multiple shoots. This set with Vivienne was a subset of the shoot with her and Gabriella (who wasn’t feeling particularly well that day…

Vivienne, Pink

The first of three sets with Vivienne at El Presidente in South Beach.

Gabriella, Hotel Room

Gabriella wasn’t feeling particularly well at the shoot so I ended up shooting more individual sets with Vivienne. But we did shoot this one mini-set while they were there.

Vivienne + Gabriella, Hotel Room

The second and last shoot with Vivienne and Gabriella. Fantastic models, fun to work with. Neither went on to pursue modeling as a career although Gabriella ended up moving to Dubai and becoming an Instagram fitness personality with a pretty…

Allison, Spray Paint

When I lived in Jaco, there were a number of people shaping and designing boards, from world-renowned professionals to amateurs. I don’t know how this came about at all but Allison wanted to spray paint a blank. No idea where…

Allison, Mirador II

The second set from our first lingerie shoot. Allison is a knockout. Same location as the previous set but what a difference the outfit makes.

Allison, Mirador I

The first set from the first lingerie shoot with Allison. Shot at the Mirador, this fantastic, graffiti-covered structure up in the mountains just outside of Jaco.

Jess, Bedroom

I’m sure if I gave it any thought I could remember the name of this boutique hotel where we shot. But it was pretty perfect for what we were shooting. The pop of red from her Louboutin’s accented the photos…

Kesley, Houston

When I was traveling back across the country, I stayed with a friend for a night or two who was gracious enough to let me do a shoot in her place with Kesley. We shot a variety of outfits in…

Karol, Lingerie II

I’m not sure why we revisited the lingerie but this was the second set with Karol in her home in the same lingerie. I mean, it’s not that it was a bad thing. I just don’t know why we shot…