• M, Bicycle II

    M, Bicycle II

    The second bicycle shoot with M was a mostly fashion shoot out in the same park where I shot Julia. M is, honestly, just gorgeous. Such a fan of hers.

  • Care, Atalaya

    Care, Atalaya

    On our trip to Myrtle Beach, one of the plans was to find a nice stretch of deserted beach where we could shoot freely. Did a little searching and found Huntington Beach State Park. When we got there, it was drizzling and there was this nice landmark home there, Atalaya. So we wandered through there…

  • Care, House of Mirrors

    Care, House of Mirrors

    After getting to Myrtle Beach and getting some food in our bellies, our first stop (the one that was a definite plan) was the Mirror Maze. Care had a dress she wanted to shoot with inside and it worked out beautifully. The lights kept shifting colors which actually made for some great, great shots. Not…

  • Care, Candy Store

    Care, Candy Store

    After the House of Mirrors, Care and I stopped into a candy store for some treats and a few photos.

  • Care, Arcade

    Care, Arcade

    Closing out our first day at the beach, we went to a local arcade on the strip for some shots. Funny story: the first thing that Care tries out is one of those big prize grab machines. And she manages to get a massive blue bouncy ball on her first try.  That winning streak would…

  • Sierra, Bicycle I

    Sierra, Bicycle I

    Out with Sierra on a mostly deserted road on the southeast side of Columbia, on one incredibly hot day.

  • Carrie, Parks + Recreation

    Carrie, Parks + Recreation

    The first set with Carrie. We took a few very casual shots before this with her in another outfit but it didn’t quite pull together into a workable set. Carrie has phenomenal eyes. Just amazing. And thankfully the dress didn’t distract from them too much. Had bought it off of Amazon for the shoot and…

  • Kristina, Art

    Kristina, Art

    This fantastic piece of art is sadly adorning the ramp to an overpass in a part of town that doesn’t get a ton of traffic. I always thought it was great and wanted to place Kristina against it to make her part of the scene. This was another situation where just even a little more…

  • Emma, Laundromat

    Emma, Laundromat

    A short little fashion set at a nearby open-air laundromat on the edges of Ybor.

  • Catrina, Little Havana

    Catrina, Little Havana

    I had wanted to shoot near the metro area but mostly around Little Havana. So after knocking out a few shots, we headed over there for the bulk of the shoot.

  • Michelle, SoFi

    Michelle, SoFi

    Michelle was a friend of a friend. I thought she was beautiful and she wanted to shoot so we did. Would’ve like to have shot her more than just the once. So for this outing, we planned to just shoot around an area known as SoFi, the part of South Beach which is south of…

  • Lakota, Cowgirl I

    Lakota, Cowgirl I

    The first of two sets we shot. Lakota knew of this location and had shot there previously. I showed up without seeing it beforehand and I have to say, for what I envisioned shooting, it really couldn’t have been more perfect. And Lakota was beautiful.

  • Katrina, NoDa

    Katrina, NoDa

    Katrina may have been the first model I shot when I came back to the states and after recuperating from dengue fever which I had contracted in Costa Rica. I had been out of commission for a while and was aching to shoot. Somehow, Katrina and I connected. Wasn’t overly familiar with Charlotte when we…

  • Samanda, Cowgirl

    Samanda, Cowgirl

    Really didn’t know there would be horses where we were going to be shooting on that day. Yet, there they were which worked out really well since Samanda wanted to do a whole cowgirl shoot.

  • Mafé, Condo I

    Mafé, Condo I

    To date, this was the only time I’ve shot both the mother and daughter. Mafé is gorgeous. Throughout the shoot, whichever subject I was shooting, the other helped with style and details. And both of her daughters, Vanessa and Isabel are equally gorgeous. I would love to get back to CR and shoot all three…

  • Andy, Jaco

    Andy, Jaco

    I can’t think of a time when my mood wasn’t elevated being around Andy. Amazing human. And sweet mother of pearl, she’s beautiful.

  • Taty, Monastery

    Taty, Monastery

    Taty was a friend of a friend and just a great person. I always thought she was just beautiful and I don’t remember if she reached out to me or if I reached out to her but she planned the shoot, pretty much. She picked out the monastery and the outfit, we caught an uber…

  • Ashley, Urban Jungle Girl

    Ashley, Urban Jungle Girl

    This was on the north side of the beach. Favorite shots? Holding out the peace sign and the two at the end with the solid stance and the building behind.

  • Ashley, The Delores

    Ashley, The Delores

    Our first shoot together was actually part of a larger project I had planned that was never finished. There are a number of buildings scattered throughout South Beach bearing formal names (historically speaking) of women. So for this, I had Ashley in front of The Delores Hotel.

  • Anastasia, The Hotel

    Anastasia, The Hotel

    For our second shoot, Anastasia had recommended this classic hotel in Palm Beach which turned out to be perfect. These were shot around the hotel before shooting indoors.

  • Kesley, Big Texas

    Kesley, Big Texas

    When I traveled across the country in 2009, I made plans somewhere along the way to shoot with Kesley. Having worked together in South Beach, I knew photographing her would result in photos I would be pleased with. To this day, I am. Of course, everything changes over time and I’d love to redo this…

  • Dubraska, Blue

    Dubraska, Blue

    Shot in the north part of South Beach, near the golf course.

  • Karol, Miami II

    Karol, Miami II

    The second shoot with Karol was pretty much the first shoot all over again. And I’m not sure why I did it like that because there were plenty of shots from the first shoot (both sets) that came out great. But I have no regrets because we produced some images during this second shoot that…

  • Karol, Miami

    Karol, Miami

    I have no recollection how it came to be that I would shoot Karol at her apartment in Miami, but I was instantly sold on her. She chose the outfit for this shoot and, clearly, I was a fan of the underboob given the plethora of underboob shots. 🙂

  • Anastasia, Portraits in Green

    Anastasia, Portraits in Green

    From our first shoot, this was the only other set we shot where Anastasia remained clothed. This was such a brief set, I’m not even sure why we shot it except maybe because she wanted photos in green?

  • Anastasia, Black Dress

    Anastasia, Black Dress

    When I look back at the photos from this day, I don’t know what I was doing. We were all over the place in terms of wardrobe. Typically, I have models wear one or two different outfits and strip out of them. With this shoot, I had her wear a dress for just fashion shots,…

  • Katja, Park

    Katja, Park

    The last set of the day on the last day of shooting with Katja. It would be almost a decade later before we’d shoot again. Shot in Flamingo Park in South Beach

  • Acacia + Ana, South Beach II

    Acacia + Ana, South Beach II

    We had decided we wanted to shoot Espanola Way and Washington Ave after Lincoln Road. Along the way, we stopped in front of an apartment building, they sat on some stranger’s motorcycle, and we wandered into a back alley. The throne at the end of the shoot is (or was, I have no idea any…

  • Acacia + Ana, Lincoln Road

    Acacia + Ana, Lincoln Road

    The people? They were everywhere. Note that only a select number of photos from the set are shown here. There are 80+ photos in the set, available in the download.

  • Katja, Dressed

    Katja, Dressed

    I remember being completely struck by Katja’s eyes and just her overall look in general. I suppose that’s why I couldn’t seem to get her out of that chair nor even consider any kind of composition in the photos. I just had to get those eyes. Still, though, these were the early days; I hadn’t…