• Leidy, Kangaroo and the Beach

    Leidy, Kangaroo and the Beach

    Can’t remember his name, but a photographer had traveled to Costa Rica and reached out to me wanting to shoot some local models. So I set up a couple of shoots with Cindy and then Leidy. We shot around the pool at the Kangaroo hotel before heading to the beach. Not a whole lot of…

  • Cindy, Mirador

    Cindy, Mirador

    While I was living in Jaco, a photographer contacted me about setting up a shoot during his visit to the country. So we coordinated a shoot with Cindy up at the Mirador. And then Vanessa showed up a little later. I didn’t really shoot much of the two of them together. The shoot was really…

  • Vanessa, Water

    Vanessa, Water

    Vanessa and I closed out our second shoot at the ocean’s edge by an estuary.

  • Vanessa, Jungle II

    Vanessa, Jungle II

    The continuation of the Jungle shoot, getting back into town.

  • Vanessa, Jungle I

    Vanessa, Jungle I

    This was actually the second shoot that Vanessa and I did. The first shoot we did a simple surf shoot at the beach. Actually some really lovely shots. And for this shoot, it was actually her AND her younger sister. Such a beautiful, beautiful family; the mother and the daughters. These shots, I loved. A…

  • Daniela, Swimwear

    Daniela, Swimwear

  • Cindy, Doce Lunas

    Cindy, Doce Lunas

    Cindy’s just gorgeous.

  • Leidy, Doce Lunas

    Leidy, Doce Lunas

    Spent a morning out at Doce Lunas, this gorgeous hotel in Jaco, wandering the grounds and using one of the rooms and the pool to photograph Cindy and Leidy.

  • Cindy + Leidy, Doce Lunas

    Cindy + Leidy, Doce Lunas

    From the shoot at Doce Lunas, this is the very small set of photos of Cindy and Leidy together.

  • Leidy, Stream

    Leidy, Stream

    Costa Rica is an absolutely gorgeous country and even slightly going off the beaten path, you’ll find some tranquil spot ideal for shooting. This stream was just off a road north of Jaco. This was the first shoot with Leidy after returning to the country.

  • Ade, Yoga on the Beach

    Ade, Yoga on the Beach

    Good grief it was hot that day. The photos when Ade is walking into the ocean? That light is just perfection.

  • Chelsea, Lummus Park

    Chelsea, Lummus Park

    Chelsea was another model shot for the online news/entertainment site out of Costa Rica. Really nice person and fun to shoot. The oddity of shooting at Lummus Park is that it sits on Ocean Drive, one of the most recognizable and defining scenescapes of Miami (though, technically, it’s Miami Beach.) You’ll see everyone shooting there,…

  • Steffany, Garage

    Steffany, Garage

    I set up the first shoot with Steffany at the 1111 parking garage just off of Lincoln Road in South Beach. One of the more peculiar structures on the beach, it has this weird singular shop about halfway up the garage and then the top level has a private residence. Weird. But it has great…

  • Jacquelyn, White

    Jacquelyn, White

    The second of two sets shot with Jacquelyn.

  • Jacquelyn, Black

    Jacquelyn, Black

    The first of two sets with Jacquelyn, this one in the black bikini, the other in a white bathing suit.

  • Kendra, South Pointe

    Kendra, South Pointe

    Kendra was one of the models I shot specifically for a weekly feature running in a news/entertainment site out of Costa Rica at the time. Shot really well. Beautiful woman. I wish I had done more justice to her eyes because they were just stunning.

  • Julz, Black

    Julz, Black

    If there is one model who I wish had kept modeling, who lived in the same town as me, and who I shot regularly, Julz might be that model. What was amazing was that she didn’t have that big of a portfolio even though everything she had shot, I felt, was top notch. If only…

  • Milan, Bay

    Milan, Bay

    The second shoot with Milan, this one on the bay side of South Beach.

  • Milan, Beach

    Milan, Beach

    The first shoot with Milan at Miami Beach. I’ve gone to the beach at  all hours of the day, from South Pointe Park up to the mid-70s, and there is never a time where there aren’t people on the beach.  This was mid-day in South Beach.

  • Gabriella, Streets of South Beach

    Gabriella, Streets of South Beach

    Gabriella, Vivienne, and I met at a restaurant close by before venturing out. Shot all along South Pointe before venturing up to the alleyways in SoFi and beyond. Fun day. Shame to lose a newly purchased lens at the end of this shoot but c’est la vie.

  • Vivienne, Streets of South Beach

    Vivienne, Streets of South Beach

    Really wish I had worked more with Vivienne when I had the chance. Just a beautiful model, fun, and easy to work with.

  • Vivienne + Gabriella, South Beach

    Vivienne + Gabriella, South Beach

    So when Gabriella showed up with Vivienne, it was a nice treat. And naturally, they coordinated everything ahead of time making shooting them together fantastic.

  • Model Anon, Rooftop

    Model Anon, Rooftop

    Shot this lovely human once during the summer of ’14. You’ll notice that the backdrop changes after the first few photos. That was because we were run out of that garage by security. Truly unfortunate because I think the set could’ve been crazy good there. The tall building in the background is the ICON, a…

  • Irmina, Jungle

    Irmina, Jungle

    The second and last shoot with Irmina, shot on the north end of Jaco. Have no idea what the freaky holes in the ground were but thankfully nothing came crawling out of them while we were shooting. 🙂

  • Irmina, Jaco

    Irmina, Jaco

    The first of two shoots that we did together. There was this kind of cool tube that was just laying around heading toward the south end of Jaco that I had spotted one day. Of course, it wasn’t hard. It wasn’t like it was off the beaten path or anything. The entire shoot was shot…

  • Daniela, Skater

    Daniela, Skater

    After seeing Daniela skate through the streets of Jaco, I really wanted to shoot her. This bikini-clad girl skating through town was a fixture. So I learned enough Spanish to stop her one day, introduce myself, and tell her I wanted to take her photographs. How we coordinated it is beyond me but we did.…

  • Leidy + Stephanie, Promo

    Leidy + Stephanie, Promo

    A happy memory I hold in my heart is that period of time when I was living in Costa Rica and a close friend of mine launched a DJ/Entertainment service. I helped with promo content. Those were some of the more pure and golden days during my time there. Leidy and Stephanie both agreed to…

  • Stephanie, Jaco

    Stephanie, Jaco

    Stephanie is simply stunning. We only did the one shoot but, man, I wish we had shot more. Her natural beauty really picks up well on camera. We worked together one other time that I can remember, taking promotional shots for an DJ/Event planning service I was part of later.

  • Leidy, Surfer Girl

    Leidy, Surfer Girl

    Leidy came over to shoot for a weekly Surfer Girl feature I was doing for an online entertainment/news site in Costa Rica. Started shooting in the street right outside the cabina where I was living and went to the beach from there. Loved that spot. Was literally 100 steps from my front door to the…

  • Jordan + Leidy, Pool

    Jordan + Leidy, Pool

    I have no recollection of why we did this shoot. I mean, it’s not like there had to be a plan to shoot Jordan and Leidy, but this was at one of the local bar/restaurants in Jaco. And I’m sure we didn’t just waltz in and use their pool for photos. Or maybe we did?…