Video Bonanza!

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Fortune is smiling upon you, dear person visiting this site and reading this right now! Videos have been completely overhauled and prices have been drastically slashed for every single video in the shop!

All videos are now priced at $1/minute (rounded up) in the shop. Currently, there’s only one exception to that, with basically the first 10 minutes being free.

Video products in the shop will all look similar in that there will only be one main download for a photo set, even if there are multiple videos. For example, previously, Nella, The Couch – Video was broken down and listed on the shop as 3 different videos/products. And each of them was priced higher than the new $1/minute pricing schedule.

Continuing to use Nella, The Couch as an example, it’s now one product in the shop with the running time denoting the sum of all three videos (which are all available after purchase).

But wait. There’s more!

Beyond the great pricing, I’ve changed the way video downloads work. Previously, all purchased videos came in a zip file. Of course, with them being massive videos, and having them hosted on this site, downloads could be problematic if there were server glitches or anything else wacky. Now, whenever you purchase a video or videos, the download links will point to files hosted on dropbox.

By keeping them there, you’ll be able to access the videos anywhere (they’ll always be listed within your account) and not just to whatever device you downloaded the videos! And you can always download them whenever and wherever you like.

And even more!

As sort of a thank you to members who’ve been so patient with me while I revamp the site (which is still going on), I’ve made a couple of behind-the-scenes videos which were previously only available in the shop now free to members.

You’ll find them within Care‘s galleries. 🙂

As always, any and all feedback is welcome. These changes should make your stay here much more enjoyable. 🙂

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