Updates and What Have You

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I’ve been a little on the fence about running a blog on the new site but have decided that I am, in fact, going to keep one running. What I’ll be posting here will primarily reflect new updates/additions to the site and what I’m currently working on.

Right now, there are 60+ plus models on the site. The vast majority of models have multiple sets on the site and still more to come. (I’m forever working on a backlog.) And there are still multiple models (photos and videos) that aren’t even listed on the site yet. Part of the current backlog is due to the restoration of a crashed hard-drive that I had salvaged earlier in the summer. Will be working my way through that for months as I continue to shoot new and current models and publish that content as well.

Right now, with the 60+ models on the site, there are literally thousands of photos and tons of videos (behind-the-scenes and promo) available to subscribers/members. The shop currently features some of the work with 8 of those models.

In any event, take a look around and check out the signup options. And thanks for your support!

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