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Renna is one of my closest friends. After I shot Britney, she reached out to me about doing a pregnancy shoot (which I declined because I had absolutely zero experience). We kept in touch, though, and in January of 2009, we had our first shoot. We instantly clicked and have been friends ever since.

Fell in love with her look from day one. When we met, she was an adult starlet (although I’m pretty sure she took a break during her pregnancy) but the stuff she was shooting before then had made her name. At the time, her and another model were the featured models on the front page of which, back then, was a pretty big deal.

If Renna and I had ever lived in the same town, I know we would’ve shot a TON more than we did. But scheduling was always a problem and we’re forever vowing to one another that we’re going to shoot together again really soon.

Right now, my plan is that when I next go down to Miami, I’m going to stop for a couple of days to visit and shoot with her again. With any luck, that’ll be this summer.