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Andariel and I connected through ModelMayhem. Was living in Ybor City at the time and she was somewhere just north of there. She had mentioned that she had this great house for shooting and I generally like to have creative control over locations but went with what she said. When I arrived, I was looking everywhere I could to try to find something that was going to work, both with lighting and environment. That was the most challenging part of this shoot. We shot inside in the bedroom, then some in her yard in the middle of suburbia and then back in the bathroom inside. Little notable decor or anything really inspired to draw from. Then the “caged housewife” idea hit me and it made sense. The idea of a woman trapped at home and her in this space.

Andariel’s beautiful; truly an art model. And a really sweet personality. Would be awesome to shoot her again. Just somewhere else. 🙂