The Fifth

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Volume 5 from the series A Thing of Booty is now available both in the members area and in the shop!

When I released Volume 4, I included a special bonus: correctly match model names with each of the numbered photos and get a $10 coupon. Since that went so well, I decided that I’m going to do that for every set in the collection! So yay for you! Super bonus time!

With the release of Volume 5, that means that, right now, you can now get up to $50 off in the shop! Provided, of course, that you can properly identify all of the models. And with each new addition to the series, that dollar value is just going to increase! Super bonus time!

Anyway, volume 5 is pretty excellent. As they all are. If you’re a fan of booties, large or small, this is right up your alley. 🙂

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