The Dawning of a New Day

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I have great news. Especially if the blog was your first stop on your way here today. Otherwise, this won’t be a surprise: the site redesign is (mostly) complete and the newly redesigned model and set (gallery) pages are now live!!!

Woohoo! It’s only taken me a month and a half, but here we are. Finally. There are numerous minor issues that I need to address, none of which should be overly noticeable to you, the member and/or visitor. The only issue of any consequence is that not all of the videos are fully accessible right now in the members area as I work through that issue. But otherwise, everything is good to go!

I’m still going to be tweaking things but this is the basic layout.


  1. On both the model pages and on the individual set pages, you’ll now find a handy (and sticky!) little icon menu to help you navigate the page more easily. This is also being fine-tuned somewhat (with some changes to those pages) but I think you’ll find it much, much easier to zip around now.
  2. Click on everything you see. Pictures. Text. Anything with a link. It’ll take you somewhere magical! Or just to a link. Really, though, I’ve been working to make sure you can get where you want.
  3. Your feedback. It’s important. As much as this redesign was about integrating my workflow into the site in a way that made sense and to have the site reflect that, it’s about YOUR experience and making sure it’s easy to get around. So if you have suggestions or feedback, by all means, it’s most, most welcome. And encouraged! Contact me!

There’s more but this is already a lot to take in, I’m sure. I hope you like the new layout! I know I do!

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