Seventy Plus

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With the addition of the latest model, Tatiana, there are now 71 models on the site! There is still a handful of models I have yet to put on the site. I’m getting to them. And with them, all of the sets from all of the models.

Considering how long I’ve been doing this, you would think that I would’ve shot more models than I have. But then sometimes a model takes center stage and becomes the focal point for shoots for a while. Renna was really the first such model with Ava following right behind her. Actually, the two of them sort of ran concurrently in the early days.

Years later, Care would dominate the space in front of my camera (and I think she and I shot more together than anyone else, actually.) Reese was becoming the muse du jour, but with me moving away, we’ll likely shoot a lot less frequently. On a related note, I’m looking forward to shooting new and fresh faces in my new home!

In any event, Tatiana! I have about three more sets with Tatiana to get up, two of which are with another model. That’ll happen later, though.

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