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Our second shoot together, Renna and I were all over the place. The first place she wanted to shoot was at the public garden in South Beach, our first outing into a really public space. When we shot at the construction site, it wasn’t sealed off to the public but nobody was going to wander in and nobody was working that day. At the garden, though, there are people all over the place, strolling the grounds.

Back then public nudity was Renna’s thing so we did a good bit of it in the early days. This was also the first solo scene we shot. All very sneaky and you can see it with Renna looking around in a lot of the photos. And the video. 🙂

Definitely grab the download, there’s another 80 photos in there!

Funny story about this shoot. There are a handful of photos that are super suggestive but not in any way explicit. A really nice print of one of them ended up hanging in a local bar on the beach (along with other shots of mine with other models.) The first night they were up, I decided to go see how everything looked. As I approached, one of the owners is standing out in the street, smoking and talking to a patron. He sees me, points at me and says, “That’s the guy!” Apparently, this one particular photo of Renna was a hit. I was a hero lol.

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