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The first in the new project, Color Studies. A few shoot notes: The hotel is located in Greensboro and was chosen specifically for the red décor. Could not have been a crappier hotel, though, lol. Why it didn’t dawn on me to pull down the art from the walls beforehand is beyond me.

The go-go boots were the central bit of red I had envisioned for this set and Reese had a great top to go with it. We both actually thought it was a dress until she put it on. And then, nope, definitely not a dress. Crotchless panties weren’t the plan but they were the only viable red panties on hand.

For the post-processing on these, I’m working with two versions, one with a little pop to it ,and then another, moodier rendition. Let me know if you prefer one to the other. I’ve seen some feedback on a forum outside of here and it was interesting to read it.

And in this set Reese is, of course, gorgeous as always.

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