The Model Sets

Ava Addams, Pool III

From our second shoot, the third “pool” set of the day. I promise, there was a pool there. Just behind me. But I don’t think it really

Ava Addams, Pool II

The second set of the day, indoors around the pool table. The lighting was really poor in here and I only had one small softbox for filling

Ava Addams, Poolside

Man, it was hot that day. This set went by pretty quick, thankfully, and then we were inside for the next set. Always loved these standing shots

Christie, Lime/Exhibition

From our second shoot, this is a combination of two sets, with the first one rolling into the second. The “lime” portion of the set is pretty

Christie, Formal Dining

When I lived in South Beach, I had this fantastic dining room set that I had bought from a local shop. Exquisite styling. And you might think,

Christie, Yellow

Christie strips out of her one article of clothing, a yellow top. I take that back; she had heels on. The header image for this set is

Christie, Black Top

It’s funny but I never realized until I worked on these photos more than a decade later that Christie had an ass that wouldn’t quit. I don’t

Anastasia, Black + White

Anastasia, in and out of her black top and black and white striped skirt. This is the final set from our first shoot.

Anastasia, Portraits in Green

From our first shoot, this was the only other set we shot where Anastasia remained clothed. This was such a brief set, I’m not even sure why

Anastasia, Patio

In the midst of all of this jumping around between inside and outdoors, naked and clothed, we shot one set outside on the patio that didn’t quite

Anastasia, Apartment Nudes

From the first shoot with Anastasia. This is the natural progression following the Ripped Jeans + Lingerie and Pink Panties sets.

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