The Model Sets

Veronika + Taylor, Pink Thing

My first porno! I can barely remember any of the details about this shoot. I DO remember that I had been planning this with Veronika(the straight-haired blonde?

Ava Addams, Dressed

This is sort of two sets rolled into one and truly, One of the most rare sets I’ve shot. This set with Ava is the only set

Ava Addams, On the Bed

I remember being super excited about working with Ava when we met. And we had met a few days earlier at a Starbucks on Washington Ave to

Kesley, Black Lingerie I

From our second shoot, this is the first of a two part set and the first one of the day. We were sort of all over the

Kesley, Breakfast in Bed

Very brief and super goofy, this set has Kesley naked in bed with a breakfast tray replete with English Muffins and OJ. Fancy! You gotta cut me

Kesley, Bedroom I

The first set with Kesley we shot indoors. I think Kesley had responded to an ad I had placed because I remember her emailing over some sample

Kesley, Street

Wrapping up our first shoot, Kesley and I went outside to shoot her in a couple of different outfits. Have to say, I don’t know why these

Kristin, Apartment III

I think this was the first set where I actually used dedicated lighting. And it was only in shots where Kristin was laying down on the rug.

Kristin, Apartment II

This set is sort of the odd one out since the first and third are clearly stripdowns. This set is all of the strictly nude photos in

Kristin, Apartment I

One thing about Kristin was she was very dramatic with her facial expressions. It’s just such a terrible shame that I shot her in low light with

Britney Brooks, Red + White

This was the third set Britney and I shot and, like the first set, we shot this in the living room. The natural light was best in

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