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Madison was great. And fun. And I was incredibly fortunate that for my first shoot I had a model with experience in front of the camera. And also one with experience being naked in front of the camera. Because I didn’t know what the hell I was doing at all. I had looked at the works of others and knew basically what I wanted to shoot and what I needed to do but really had no idea.

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Care, Black + Yellow

This was a fun night. The boots I had purchased specifically for the shoot, the top I had used in one other shoot. The pants were loaners

Rachel, Under the Lights II

Had Rachel back in specifically because I wanted to do the Under the Lights shoot again in daylight. Because daylight is, in the parlance of our time,

Britney Brooks, Red + White

This was the third set Britney and I shot and, like the first set, we shot this in the living room. The natural light was best in