South Pointe


Kendra was one of the models I shot specifically for a weekly feature running in a news/entertainment site out of Costa Rica at the time. Shot really well. Beautiful woman. I wish I had done more justice to her eyes because they were just stunning.

featured models

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Chelsea, Lummus Park

Chelsea was another model shot for the online news/entertainment site out of Costa Rica. Really nice person and fun to shoot. The oddity of shooting at Lummus

Tammy, Jaco I

Pretty much every place in Costa Rica, from the towns to the jungles make for excellent backdrops. So I did the lazy thing with Tammy and shot

Gabriella, Streets of South Beach

Gabriella, Vivienne, and I met at a restaurant close by before venturing out. Shot all along South Pointe before venturing up to the alleyways in SoFi and