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For a brief moment, there was a promo modeling agency which Ava ran with her partner and for which I was the photographer. The day we shot this was at the tail end of a multi-model shoot for that agency. We started off at the hotel where we had been all day and then took it back to the apartment a few blocks over.

In my mind for some reason, I always remember this as the first set we shot after Ava moved in, but Tube Socks was actually the first set which we had shot a few days prior.

Back in the apartment, we shot this in a weird space, in the dining room, for some reason. Honestly, that was my favorite dining room table ever but it never really got featured in any sets. I only did one other set in that dining room.

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This was the second set of the day and, as with the Pink set from earlier, Ava color-coordinated her outfit and dildo: white sheer dress, white dildo.

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My first porno! I can barely remember any of the details about this shoot. I DO remember that I had been planning this with Veronika(the straight-haired blonde?

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Is there any point in writing a meaningful story for porn if it the objective has very little to do with story? I’m going to go with