Ava Addams, Construction Time Again

Two months after shooting Renna Ryann at the construction site just a few buildings down from where I lived, Ava and I ventured to the same spot. While that first shoot with Renna was explicit, this shoot with Ava was even more so since we were shooting both photos and video and had long been in a groove for how the shoots would run.

But this was fun. Where Renna had never had any qualms being nude in public, Ava was much more on the lookout and ducking behind walls as you’ll see in some of the photos. We were never caught, of course.

Eventually, that building was finished. But man, I got some use out of it. Renna’s shoot was phenomenal and this shoot with Ava had some of the sexiest shots of her that I took, and were some of the most fun. At some point, the three of us shot there as part of a girl/girl compilation video. Good times.

There’s no small number of explicit photos in here, starting from the moment Ava gets nude.


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