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One of the riskier public sets I shot, and definitely the most risky set with Anastasia. You can actually see a guy wandering around in the background while we’re shooting. Always a fun time shooting with Anastasia.

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Renna Ryann, EspaƱola Way

Surprisingly, shooting this solo scene with Renna (and it was a full solo scene) on EspaƱola Way in broad daylight wasn’t the riskiest set of the day.

Renna Ryann, Tiki Hut Nudes

Following the Sunrise set, Renna and I headed to a tiki hut that was back against the dunes. The sunlight was crazy harsh by this time but

Ava Addams + Tatiana, Pink

Ava and Tatiana getting intimate on a staircase was a scene. The matching pink outfits were provided by Tatiana. I was going to say that this is