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This set is a departure from most of the other sets for a few reasons: 1) the background/décor in this set is absolute crap. Kind of intentional but also kind of not the way I wanted. The theme was “girl coming over for a visit” and I wanted it to look very casual but the apartment I used belonged to a friend of mine (a true guy’s guy) who I stayed with briefly and it was just messy. It wasn’t quite what I was going for but it was fine, really.

2) I took the vast majority of the shots blind, meaning I was holding the camera away from me without the benefit of the viewfinder or a screen to look at and pointing it at what I wanted to shoot, knowing I’d crop and re-frame everything later as needed. This worked out pretty well, for the most part.

And why did I shoot like that? 3) I’m also in the shots. I had a thought for a while that I really wanted to shoot boy/girl erotica but without any focus on the guy at all. More a suggestion of the guy. So this is one of only a handful of sets where I make a slight appearance.

You’ll note that the preview for this set doesn’t include any nudity. There’s plenty of nudity within, however.

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