Gratuitous 80s

Model note: This is a new series and I am actively looking for models to shoot for this project. If you’re interested in modeling for this project, get in touch with me today!

When I began to think about this series, I thought about the numerous movies that I saw during the 1980s. And I started to make a list of all the movies where I could remember seeing gratuitous nudity. And then I went online to check what I had.

It’s not a short list.


The goal with this project is to pay homage to that period in time when gratuitous nudity reigned supreme onscreen. I don’t intend to try to replicate exact scenes but rather re-create and re-imagine them. For example, the second set in this series, Mrs. Blutarsky, works in an imagined life where Mandy Pepperidge and Bluto Blutarsky have settled into a life together. And of course, there’s plenty of nudity.

The irony with this project is that none of the nudity is actually gratuitous but rather central to the project. You won’t find a stray boob here. Every boob has purpose.

With Reese modeling for the first two sets in the series, I didn’t shoot any dedicated footage specifically for the project (only behind-the-scenes footage.) However, I’ll be shooting some footage when it fits with the scope of the project.

The Not-So-Short List

Currently, this is the list of films I’m looking at for this series. I don’t know that I’ll incorporate all of them but there are some that will unquestionably be shot. Some, I’ve already sketched out the shoots. If you think I’ve missed a film that should definitely be on the list, let me know, either in the comments or in a message.

  • 9 1/2 Weeks
  • Airplane!
  • Animal House (1 additional scene)
  • Bachelor Party
  • Blame it on Rio
  • Caddyshack
  • Fast Times at Ridgemont High
  • Paradise
  • Porky’s
  • Private School
  • Revenge of the Nerds
  • Risky Business
  • Screwballs
  • Sixteen Candles
  • Stripes
  • Trading Places
  • Weird Science

Lighten up, Francis!

This series is just for fun and there’s no underlying message. That said, it’s worth noting how gratuitous nudity was used in films from that period. How did it shape the youth of that generation? It’s also worth noting that some movies, while they may hold fond memories, are wildly, wildly inappropriate now. They were inappropriate then but our views and notions of human sexuality and issues surrounding it were still evolving as they always are.

But like I said, this is just for fun. A fresh stroll down a memory-filled lane.


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