Pink + White

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Two more sets with Ava Addams are now up: Pink and White Hot. Remember how I said I should probably group sets together when I publish them? I totally did that here! Not only were these two sets shot on the same day, both of them were color-coordinated with Ava matching the color of her outfit with the color of her dildo. Fancy! 🙂

These were some of the first sets we shot for her site (which I had also developed and was managing at the time). And it was around this time where we developed a routine of shooting photos first, followed by videos. These sets are the companion photos for the solo scenes which will be released at a later date.

While the sets themselves are a little more explicit than most, the full sets of Pink and White Hot in the shop are as explicit as they could possibly be which would be the norm for the next four months, shooting with Ava.

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