More Nella in South Beach

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Part of the joy of getting back a salvaged hard-drive early this summer was rediscovering photos that had been completely lost and forgotten about. Of course, some of the data had been saved elsewhere but there are vast stores of photos and videos that were just gone.

And that’s exactly the case with Nella’s photos and videos. The South Beach I set in the member galleries is sort of a sampler set from the shoot, a collection of photos I had from that day that weren’t lost on the drive. With the return of the data, I rediscovered exactly how much good content we shot that day and have been working to get it up on the site.

South Beach I-I was the first of three parts covering that day and I’ve just published part two, South Beach I-II. Truly wish I had shot Nella more than I did back then. Still, there’s a ton of photos and videos still to work through and get up on the site.

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