Vivienne, Red

The third of three sets with Vivienne at El Presidente in South Beach.


Vivienne, Black

For our second shoot, I had booked a room at El Presidente in South Beach to host multiple shoots. This set with Vivienne was


Vivienne, Pink

The first of three sets with Vivienne at El Presidente in South Beach.


Vivienne + Gabriella, Hotel Room

The second and last shoot with Vivienne and Gabriella. Fantastic models, fun to work with. Neither went on to pursue modeling as a career


Vivienne, Streets of South Beach

Really wish I had worked more with Vivienne when I had the chance. Just a beautiful model, fun, and easy to work with.


Vivienne + Gabriella, South Beach

So when Gabriella showed up with Vivienne, it was a nice treat. And naturally, they coordinated everything ahead of time making shooting them together

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Another model shot for the Costa Rican publication the summer of ’14. Vivienne responded to the ad looking for models and she brought her friend Gabriella along to shoot as well. Loved her look. Great body, killer eyes and lovely smile.

In September, I booked a room at a hotel on the beach to run a couple of shoots, one with Vivienne and Gabriella and another with Steffany. Some of the shots of Vivienne that day remain among my favorites.

Side note: that first shoot we did was awesome. Literally, the three of us walked all around South Beach. Our last shoot location was in an alley about 5 blocks away from where I was living. After the shoot, I walked home and when I got there, I realized I had left a newly purchased lens in the street. Ran back to get it and it was, of course, long gone.

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